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Company Ownership

The company is owned and operated by Mr.Ayub Bachchu, who has been providing the vision for its future since inception in 1999. Mr.Ayub Bachchu, a renowned Bangladeshi musician, composer, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, and recording artist, who has worked with local major label companies like Sargam, Soundtek, Sangeeta, Cmv, Bengal Music, ATN music, Impress audio vision etc., has produced and contributed to over BDT10 million of revenue for said label companies in Bangladesh throughout his career.

He is also the founder & band leader of LRB (Love Runs Blind), the most popular Bangladeshi Rock Band in the country. LRB has performed over thousand live concerts in various occasions within the country as well as overseas for Bangladeshi communities in the USA (namely Madison Square Garden in New York, Dallas, Houston, Miami, California, Boston, Washington Dc, Atlanta etc. ); in Europe (namely Wembley Arena, Great Hall, Allen Gardens etc in London; Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Rome, Bolonia, Padova, Italy; Cyprus, Greece; Belgium, etc.); in the Middle East (namely Dubai, Sarjah, Azman, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc.) in Asia (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India etc.). LRB has been entertaining people for 19 years successfully.

Start-Up Summary

AB Kitchen has been an attempt to create superlative music by Mr.Ayub Bachchu for the entertainment of Bangladeshi people in late '90s. The aim to form AB Kitchen is to produce good music with sufficient time, which usually lacks in commercial recording studios due to rigid schedule time frame.

Perhaps, AB Kitchen is one of those few recording studios in Bangladesh that owned by a sole musician in late '90s. The initial studio equipments had been designed by late Mr.Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin, who was a giant sound engineer in the Bangladesh music industry. Mr.Ayub Bachchu always appreciates his great support in selecting the correct studio equipments set up for AB Kitchen. However, the current AB Kitchen by now is one of the most upgrade, complete and well equipped professional recording studios in Bangladesh.

AB Kitchen, the recording studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh is by now one of the most complete and well equipped professional audio recording studios in the country.

Company Locations

AB Kitchen is a Dhaka based music recording studio for audio recordings, editing, and mastering. It is located at 111, Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh, which is the top spot for the music scene in Bangladesh.

Studio Facilities

 AB Kitchen, a 1500 square foot recording studio has been decorated by Berger illusion, which always gives a refreshing/pleasant  environment throughout the studio from the entrance. The studio consists of two studios, a large area in lobby which can accommodate  up to 15 people for meetings.
 The control room's area is about 250 sft and the windows between the control room and voice room are made using two widely spaced  glass panes, offering easy viewing to and from the voice room which is with area of about 250 sft. The Voice room is also utilized for  acoustic musicians, which can accommodate 8-10 musicians.
 The studio also has a practice room for musicians to rehearse for larger events/recording. All these rooms (the control room, voice room  & practice room) have gone under treatment through the use of absorption & diffusion materials such as 40cm-thick wall and laminated  flooring with an inch thick mat and the diffuser in studio is a bit more regularly designed, being made of wood planks of varying depths,  giving the facility a very roomy feeling. The studio is fully air conditioned.

AB Kitchen is run by music producer and professional musicians, who are also available for session work. There are also Guitars, amps and other instruments available for recording.

At the studios we enjoy recording and producing most music styles: R&B, Rock, Jazz & Fusion, Reggae, Chill out, Pop, Hip hop.

Equipments List

Our recording studios are comfortable and stylish, offering a friendly yet professional environment for bands, solo artists, jingle makers, film makers and musicians of all kinds wanting to record, produce, master and duplicate their music. At AB Kitchen studio, we offer the whole music production, from start to finish. This means that you can come in with your raw audio material and walk out with the finished master, including photography, artwork & duplication, ready for release or distribution. We can duplicate and deliver the CDs at your door step within given time frame!


Yamaha 02R console (24 channels)
With Optical I/O

IBM Intel core2dou 2.4GHZ/4GB ram
DIGI Design 003 rack- 8 I/O audio interface

Protools 8.cs2
Nuendo 4
Sonar 8
Reason 4

KRK V8 active
GENELEC 1032A Active

Lexicon Alex reverb/delay
Lexicon MPX500 reverb/delay
TC.Helicon-Voiceworks (Voice harmonizer)
DOD-460H stereo amplifier(Headphone monitoring system)

Patch bay system DBX-PB48
Line 6 pod XT Pro
DAT Recorder fostex,
Tascam CDRW 2000
Tascam Cassette recorder112 mk 2.
And more...

Midi/ Synths / Sound Modules
Motif ES-8 Keyboard

RODE Classic 2
AKG c3000, D112, CK93, 300B
Beyer dynamic TGX 180
Shure SM57, SM58, BETA58 AXS 1.
Heil PR 35



DIGI Design 002 rack- 8 I/O audio interface

Audio Logic 9
ProTools 8.cs2
Garage band

YAMAHA HS 80 Active
Mackie Big knob Monitor controller

Digidesign 008 Rack


AKG c3000
Shure BETA58

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