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Born: 2nd of November, 1962
From: Pabna
Instruments: Bass Guitar
Vitals: Black Eyes, Dark Black Long Hair, 6ft, Married

Muhammad Saidul Hasan Swapan is one of the senior member of LRB. He is known for his great contribution as a Bass Guitarist in the Band. He was born in 1962, the 2nd of November in Pabna District. He is the second child of the three children of Mr. Sohrabuddin and Ramicha Begum.

Though his birth place and father's village was in Pabna, he came to Chittagong with his entire family when he was only six months old. Thus the famous port city became his domain where he finished his academic life and was eventually engaged with music and flourished to the full brim. He spent his childhood era at immense pleasure. His childhood school was Agrabad Government High School and later on, he completed his High Secondary Certificate from Chittagong City College and then he refined his graduation from Chittagong College.

He was exposed to cultural affairs from the very beginning of his life. His father was an enlisted artist of Bangladesh Radio and his mother was involved in many societal work and cultural activities. His elder brother, Rashedul Hasan Milon was a marvelous Tabla performer and his younger brother, Masudul Hasan Khokon was a bass-guitarist of a famous band `SOULS'. Consequently, he has got enormous support from his family for learning music and getting into the world of melody and harmony.

When his acquaintances were mad about Cinema and Theatre, he used to think about music. He was knack about football. For watching football matches between Mohammedan and Abahani, he used to visit Dhaka. He has seen many superstar and famous artist singing in Bangladesh Radio Station with his father. During that time, he was introduced to the mesmérien guitarist Noyon Munshi. Subsequently,we can take for granted; he got into wonderful music world at a very small age.

In the year 1984 he started playing his first Acoustic Guitar. During the early 80s, world famous bands like Dire Straights, Santana, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath songs were broadcasted in Radio Australia. All the above mentioned bands songs and the mixture of new musical instruments diverted his mind in the director of rock music. Stargazing to be like his idols made him reverie to be like them. A stunning situation occurred at that time, when his younger brother was a bass-guitarist in a renowned band 'Souls'. To compete with his younger brother he started to play to bass-guitar. He used to tell his younger brother, "One day, I will spiel the bass guitar better than you".

He doesn't have any sort of education from any institution for playing the guitar. It came naturally to him and he has learned art of playing this instrument all by his himself. He has described his experience of learning to play the guitar in the following way:

"The urged to play guitar mesmerized me all the time. At that time I have seen Ayub Bachchu in Chittagong playing the guitar. Suddenly, all my attention and intuition went to AB's way of playing the instrument. Whatever it takes I have to learn to play the guitar from Ayub Bachchu. I was totally adamant to find him in Chittagong in places he used to hang out with his friends. And one day, I met him. He said, 'Come when you have time, I will teach you'. After that I have learned from A-Z from the maestro himself. I will be ever indebted to AB for what he has done."

In the year 1987, he joined as a bass-guitarist in a newly formed band named 'FEELINGS'. But it was for a short time, because after going through a little phase of 'FEELINGS' was wrecked apart. It was again reformed by famous James and the name was changed to 'NAGAR BAUL' but Swapan did not go back to 'NAGAR BAUL'. Before joining LRB, 'FEELINGS' was the first band which Swapan involved. Later on, during the year 1988 he used to play solo in different stage programs with Ayub Bachchu.

It was in the year 1991, when LRB started their epic journey as full fledged band. Ayub Bachchu, Swapan, Tutul and Joy set off together in a bid to unfold a brilliant chapter in the history of Bangladeshi Rock Music. And Swapan is the name which was always there to contribute his dedication and brilliance to give LRB the shape in which we see it today. He is still there today, standing by the side of Ayub Bachchu with the promise and hope of yet changing the history of Bangladeshi Rock Music.

In his personal life Swapan is very shy and reserved, living a happy life with his wife and his little girl. His work never got in the way of family, as we know family comes first. Inspiration from his family always gives him confidence, when he plays his guitar. That is his achievement.

No matter what, we still keep discovering ourselves more, like Swapan, who learnt that Guitar learning is a never ending process. He dreams of Bess Institute of Technology, where he learns to play in the famous American Music Institute of all times.


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