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Born: 17th November
From: Meherpur
Instruments: Lead Guitar, Background Vocal
Vitals: Singel, Black Eyes, Dark Black Hair, 5ft 7in

Abdullah – Al – Masud born in the year 17th November of 1976, in the historic city of Meherpur. Masud known as MASS to his all fans & LRB.
From his very childhood, he loved music. Only at the age of thirteen, he proved his enthusiasm for music & started learning to play his favorite instrument guitar in the year 1989. Only because of his extra ordinary talent & innovative intelligence, he established incredible control over guitar and within a very short time; he started to play guitar in local stages. Throughout that surpassing of time he struggled all the ways for music and guitar.

In the year of 1993, he established Tried Guitar School and contributed eight years of his career in teaching guitar to youngsters. In the meantime, he formed a band named "The Tempest" with his friends. The journey of "The Tempest" started in the year 1995 and in the year 2000 he left "The Tempest". In his music career, "The Tempest" has contributed a lot. Mass has performed in many famous stage of Bangladesh while he was in "The Tempest".

The year 2003 was the moving stage of his career for which he becomes famous as a lead star of Bangladesh by joining LRB. MASS joined in LRB as a third guitarist in the year of 2003. Fans of LRB responded significantly towards the new band formation of LRB and very quickly accepted the new performer in the band.

It is very important to say that, he greatly inspired by AB when he was a young learner. In 1991, he saw AB for the first time in television playing LRB's famous track "Ghum Vhanga Shahore". This song changed his thinking upside down and greatly influenced him to become a guitarist and furthermore boost up his inspiration.

He likes to listen, Jimi Hendrix, Vini more, Stave Vai, Slash, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen.

LRB is his all time favorite band. He also likes Warfaze, Rock Strata & Winning's old lineup. MASS also reckons Dream Theater, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd and some other western and European bands.


Renold Santana
Gibson USA
Ibanez [RG Proto]
Ibanez [Steve Vai Series
Jem 77 Diamond Black]
Ibanez [SA Series]
Fender Acoustic Guitar
YAMAHA Acoustic Guitar [APX 8A]

Digitech RP 6
Digitech RP20
Johnson J Station Line 6 POD
XT, XT Pro
KORG Tone Works
Pandora PX 3, PX 4


Pro Tools LE 7.1
(Inter face M-box)

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