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Ayub Bachchu


As a composer, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, multi instrumentalist and owner of AB Kitchen, Mr.Ayub Bachchu brings to his clients a diverse music career that span more than three decades. He understands and appreciates what each artist goes through to develop great material and has worked with numerous singers, artists, songwriters, Film makers, bands for the past 20 years to transform his original compositions into full-length CDs – several of which have received huge recognition from the crowed in the country & abroad.

In 1999 he founded AB Kitchen and has produced over 250 musical scores and jingles for various clients across the country, including Grameen phone, Djuice, Bangla link, Citycell, Channel-I, Rtv, Basundhara Group (Kaler Kontho), Square Group, Otobi, Prothom Alo, Unilever, Aktel (now Robi) etc. His several studio albums received best winning album from highly recognized local media: Prothom Alo, as per voting of the Bangladeshis. Mr.Ayub Bachchu has received numerous recognitions for his works & guitar play including 7. prestigious 'Prothom Alo' awards. Recently he is acting as an ambassador for the British Council in Bangladesh for its project 'Bangladesh, the Next Generation' through which he is encouraging youth Bangladeshis to participate enthusiastically in contributing their talents into country's progress.

Abdul Wazed Charu

Chief Sound Engineer

Mr.Charu has been working with AB Kitchen as a chief audio sound engineer since 2000. He has a vast knowledge in the fields of studio recording & online sound recording and worked with different organizations (local recording studios: Muzikman, Sound Garden, Audio Art & local TV channels like RTv, DTv, Desh Tv) over two decades. Followings are the major working experiences, which makes him very suitable for this position in AB Kitchen.

 Equipments use
 multi-track analog audio recorder
 multi-track digital tape recording system  (DTRS)
 both analog & digital console  (O2r.O2r96.O1v96.Soundcraft DC2000 …)
 digital audio workstation (DAW)
 Software use
 Multi-track Digital Recording – Digi Design Protools  (core expertise),
 Apple – Logic 9,Soundtrack Pro . Stenberg Nuendo ,
 Mastering – Digi Design Protools, Stenberg  WaveLab, IK Multimedia Tracks, SonicFoundry  SoundForge, Adobe Audition
 Sequencing – Propellerhead Reason, Live Ablaton,  Stenberg CuBase
 provide studio acoustic design & solution
 studio setup installation for both analog & digital recording (e.g.  product selection, patching, installation & configuration of audio  recording software applications)

His responsibilities include final mixing & mastering the various custom music projects created by our composer, as well as sound design for our corporate clients. He simultaneously works for DESH TV (local private Tv Channel in Bangladesh) as the chief sound editor.

Abdulla Al Masud (Mass)

Sound Engineer

Mass has been working with AB Kitchen as a sound engineer since 2004. He started his early career as a guitar instructor in mid '90s, and performed with various artists. In 2003, he has joined the band 'LRB' as a 2nd line guitarist, while Ayub Bachchu offered him to work as Sound Engineer in AB Kitchen, which he is complying successfully. He has the knowledge in following fields in sound engineering.

 Equipments use
 Both analog & digital console  (O2r.O2r96.O1v96. …)
 digital audio workstation (DAW)
 Software use
 Multi-track Digital Recording – Digi Design Protools
 Apple – Logic 9, Stenberg Nuendo ,
 Mastering – Digi Design Protools, Stenberg WaveLab, SonicFoundry SoundForge, Sequencing – Propellerhead Reason,  Live Ablaton, Stenberg CuBase

His responsibilities include recording, editing & mixing the various music projects created by our composer for our corporate clients.

Delwar Hussain (Dulal)

Manager, Administration

Mr. Dulal has been working with AB Kitchen as Manager, Administration since 2004. He is looking after day to day work schedule & maintains close relationship with the clients that give them a friendly working environment in AB Kitchen. Two studio crew members: Saiful & Iqbal is assisting him, which enables smooth operations in the studio.

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